classic tweed flap bag

  1. hello,
    i'm from germany and i am a great chanel victim:rolleyes:

    i need your help regarding a chanel bag. i would like to buy a classic flap bag in tweed (colours are white, blag, silver, dark blue, brown).
    it is very beautiful but the sales women said that tweed bags are only for women in a certain age. i am 27 years old.:confused1:

    what do you think?
  2. I never knew there's an age group for tweed bags?
    I have a tweed flap and i'm a few years older than you.
    I thought the SA would encourage you to buy the bag, not talk you out of it.
  3. That's one of the dumbest things I've heard lately -- and from a sales person no less.

    The only thing about a fabric bag is they can't be refurbished. Therefore, it would not be wise to use it as an every day bag, and I'd spray it with Scotchguard before using.
  4. I have a tweed 2.55 flap bag and I'm younger than you are ... :yes: So if you are a huge tweed fan, then go for it (I think)
  5. which colour do you have?
    how can i style it? the sales women said that this one is not for evening and only to wear with jeans. do you have the same opinion?

  6. Geez, everything you write just confirms my very low opinion on Chanel SAs here in Europe, esp. Germany and Austria. Which store did you go to? If I didn`t know some ppl in the Frankfurt store, I`d probably get escorted out telling from the SA`s looks there!

    In my opinion, tweed is as versatile as leather. You can dress it up or down (well, not with a ball gown, but still to cocktail dresses). Of course it`s more on the casual side, but hey, it`s a classic flap we`re talking about here!

    And neither do I think that there`s a certain age limit you have to reach for a tweed bag!
  7. thank you! i think that i will buy this one. it is on sale only till tuesday for 50%. normal price was eur 1350!;)
    do you like the colours for this tweed bag? they are dark blue, a little bit of brown, white and silver glitter threads. is this one really ok for evening? sorry but she made me a little bid insecure...:sos:
  8. angel, I suggest you ignore the SA's comments and just follow your heart. As the others have mentioned, the SA clearly has no idea what she is talking about.

    I have a tweed classic flap in (mint) green and I bought it when I was 27 (I'm now 30 and I still wear it). Does that make me too old or young? But hey, who's counting?!

    At 50% discount, can you resist?

    Good-luck and don't forget to share pix!! ;)
  9. congrats! a chanel flap for under 700 euro is a total bargain!

    so, please don`t worry about the comments the sa made, but just do what you like. it`s you who has to feel comfortable and there should be noone judging you, esp. for carrying a bag the way that you like it.

    the colors sound gorgeous! please post pics, when you got it!
  10. As someone said follow your heart. All the better that it's on sale. We must all learn to trust our instincts. Hope you can post pics soon.
  11. i have a classic tweed flap 2.55 in an indigo (sometimes it appears blue, sometimes more purple).
    and to say the truth, i wear it whenever i feel like it - i have worn it to university :wtf: haha and i have worn it out to fancy and swanky restaurants. true, i wouldn't wear it to accompany a formal dress - but how often do i find myself in a formal dress occasion? (not very). for my purposes, the tweed bag serves me fine. i make it work for my occasions - and i think it adds to someone's style to defy "the norm" from time to time ;)
    it all comes down to whether you really like it and want it?
    otherwise there are no rules ;)

  12. hey, i saw your chanel collection and it is very great. i am chanel handbag collector, too. up to now i have 5 handbags: 2 from the ligne cambon, 1 classic flap bag in black with caviar leather and gold hardware, 1 timeless cc in rose with gold hardware and 1 pochette from summer collection 2006 with very nice hearts prints.

    i am so addicted, i would get in dept for chanel handbags ;). you too?
  13. Thanks, angel :heart: I live in a country where there's no Chanel, so I don't get to buy often enough to put me in debt. It's both a blessing and a curse depending on how you see it! ;)

    Your Chanel collection sounds wonderful. The tweed bag will be a nice addition. :tup:
  14. dear all, i thank you very much for your advice regarding this tweed bag.
    today i called the chanel store and my SA was back from holiday:yes:.

    i asked her regarding the bag and i am so happy that the bag was still there. it will be send to me and hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. :greengrin:

    i also asked her regarding her opinion with this bag and she said all the things that you all said. it is a very nice bag, very classic, very nice colours and very good for me.
    the other SA really has not a good taste and she was also a little bid unfriendly. :tdown:
    i am so glad that my SA was back today. she is very nice and she knows my taste for handbags, shoes and clothes from chanel.
    i will send you pics as soon as i have it.:tpfrox:
    have a nice day!
  15. ^^ That's great news!! Glad you decided to go ahead with it, please post up pictures when you receive it :smile: