Classic Trench Coat: Aquascutum vs Burberrys

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Nov 26, 2005
I'm thinking of investing in a classic beige trench coat and am deciding between Aquascutum and Burberrys. They are both great British brands... but I'm leaning towards aquascutum as burberrys is often labelled as chavs in the UK!! Does anyone own a trench from either of these two brands? Can you comment on the quality? Any opinions are most welcome!
Since both of these brands manufacture a variety of trenches,and by no means all Burberry trenches feature the dreaded plaid,perhaps you should post pictures of the coat(s) you are considering?

the label isn't what makes the's the styling,the quality,and the way it fits and suits you.

Good luck finding one:idea:
I have inherited several trench coats from my mother and she'd had them for quite some years (over 20 in some cases) and they're still in perfect condition, even the linings, leather trimmings and removable lining in one case.
They were well cared for (cleaning routine, storage) and have survived several international moves.

I'd say go with a Burberry. There are plenty of colours available other than the over-chav'd classic (which I do love on my mother's vintage) and I think a member said that they were getting one custom made, so perhaps you can request something more personal.

And I don't think you can be chavvy when wearing a trench with the check on the inside (on the outside is another question, though)
I have a Burberry trench and I absolutely love it. Honestly, I don't know much about trench coats (I live in Southern California) but whenever I travel to the east coast during the cold months, about once every six weeks, I bring my Burberry with me. It travels really well and it's classy enough to wear in front of clients and yet simple enough to wear with jeans.

Hope this helps.
well, i have tried both and they fit abt the's kinda quite standard since it's just a trench with an adjustable belt. i can't really see much difference between the 2 really... i would like to know how others found the materials of the 2 brands, for eg. how durable... does it show creases easily etc... anything really to tip the balance... besides the brand, i honestly can;t find much of a difference in the store... esp when i don't have both side by side...
thanks lelgin and perja... that;s really helpful... i reckon more people would be familiar with burberrys than aqua...
i'm looking for one in plain beige,,, the plaid pattern will be in the lining though...
How durable? Very but requires to care for it a little (reproofing every 3-4 years, IIRC)
Creases? No, but mine have always been hung on their hangers or carefully folded over seat backs. However, they hold up well to folding in suitcases. You just need to hang them when you get to destination.
Material? Very soft and lovely to wear (I have a wool coat made by Burberry and the lining is def. the best I have ever had in a coat).

Hope this helps more than my previous post.
I have had two Aquascutum coats -- and really really like them. I decided not to go with Burberry, even though they also had some pretty trenches, because the Aquascutum coats were a bit less trendy, but equally as stylish. Aquascutum has been making waves, in the past few years, design-wise, incidentally.
Burberry is a classic. I don't consider burberry trendy unless there is a certain unique style you are considering purchasing. They've been around a long time. I have a trench, and I have many relatives who are in their 80s who have trenches and have had them a long time.

As others have said, I have seen burberry coats that are more than 20 years old and they still look great and do not look dated at all.

I think you can never go wrong with a classic Burberry trench but buy what you think looks best on you.
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