Classic Tote!!!

  1. I am SOOOO excited! I called Chanel in NM and they have the Classic Tote in pink!!!!!!!! I am SO excited! I bought the same tote in black and didn't think it was for me (because I wanted a pink one but couldn't find one anywhere (well, except, eBay, which I don't deal with)), so I returned it. I asked the SA to hold it for me! I can't believe I found it! But now I have to open a NM charge because I don't want to pay cash and I don't have an American Express credit card...:sad2: I hate opening credit cards!

    Ohhhh, I will post tons of pics when I get it today!

    P.S. Some of you know that I was thinking about returning my classic flap bag because it doesn't really fit my lifestyle. So, I am going to return the flap and get the tote! Oh, how exciting!

    This is a pic I found online. It is not the same style but the color is the same. What do you think? Cute? Not so cute?
  2. Congrats! I love Chanel pink! Can't wait to see the pics!!
  3. Its really cute. I only wear dark colors, but I like seeing bright colors on others. Go try it out, you'll know if you love it or not.
  4. Very pretty--I love pink, too!
    By the way, what is the style name of the 1st bag that you posted? I actually love that one very much and would like it in tan.
  5. I really like it. It's a great tote for the spring/summer.:love:
  6. great choice - i have the same bag in the larger size and i love it. hope you get it soon!!
  7. Congrats, I love that tote! :nuts:
  8. This was one of the first Chanel bags I fell in love with.
  9. I love the Chanel totes with the chain straps so much better than the regular leather-handled ones!
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