classic tote?

  1. does anyone have a pic of classic tote? I called Chael today asking about totes and they said this one is cavier w/ a zipper across- but was iffy about size
  2. There are a lot of totes referred to as a classic tote. You may be referring to the petite shopper which has a zipper across the top, or the Grand Shopper which has a zippered compartment.
  3. there's another one though, it doens't have the leather shoulder pad in the center of the chain, I think it's called the Timeless Classic Tote and I believe it zips closed. Check around, there's some on here for sure.
  4. i think that must be what she described -timeless classic tote
  5. That sounds like the Grand Shopping Tote. Was it this one?

    chanel grand shopper.jpg
  6. Annie the one she linked is the one I was talking about.
    Similar but not a GST.
  7. no-but i am considering the gst- i tried it on but was't sure about how open it is- love the size- i Don't live close enough to shop often -2 hours away- and want the perfect first bag
  8. ^^^
    Hmm, I have not ever seen this! And its part of the timeless collection?
  9. does anyone here have an actual picture? and what about the size? Which one would you choose- gst or timeless?
  10. Are you talking about the classic box tote? If so, it's quite small and too boxy. I ended up returning mine because it's uncomfortable to carry. The style is similar to GST.

    By the way, I got the attached photo from someone on this forum.
  11. i want the GST in black, anyone know the price?. attached are the 2 chanels I own.
  12. I'm confused. So theres a zippered boxy petite tote and then there's one thats just a small version of the GST?
  13. ^^It retails for $1750.