Classic tote with new chain ??

  1. I saw this bag in the reference section, posted by a member back in May and the name of the bag is Classic tote with new chain, was wondering if anyone know this bag comes in black ? or the style # for it ?
    i find it in post#2785455 and the date of the post is May 5th 2007.
  2. Can you paste a pic of it here ot make it easier??
  3. I think it also comes in black and white.
  4. Hi, its A35193 Y01588 94305 (Black Caviar)...and it comes in lambskin as well..and there was a red one as well...good luck in finding it...
  5. I saw this one on Chanel Shopping area and I think CHANELboy is receiving them for fall / winter.
  6. I seen it in black at the Neiman Marcus in Tysons Corner VA- last weekend
  7. thanks ! i was looking for the black cavier one~
  8. Also comes is a great beige.
  9. I saw it in black at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills 2 weeks ago