Classic, Timeless Sunglasses

  1. I was wondering what people usually consider to be "the" sunglasses that have withstood the test of time...

    Name a pair of sunglasses that's both iconic and immediately recognizable that will forever remain classic? Any brand will do... and also if you could specify what "look"(classy, retro, etc.) a certain pair calls to mind, that would be great.

  2. I think aviators will always be classic. I hesitate to say it brings a retro look to mind (I know I'm a youngster!) but they're instantly recognizable and bring to mind that effortless, 70s style.
  3. Aviators will probably always be in. If I think classic, I think of Chanel sunglasses.
  4. ahhh....timeless sunglasses. that almost sounds like a paradox. ITA that aviators are a classic style, but even the shape of aviators change over time. i personally go through sunglasses like there's no tomorrow, so i wish there was something that always looked good to me. i do know this though, i always like jackie o sunglasses!
  5. I'm thinking the Jackie O shape. Understated glamour/elegance. No matter what decade, you put those on and you're transported back to a time when ladies actually were just that, pearl strands, and breakfast was at a place called Tiffanys.
  6. classic?? I think Chanel, I just bought these bad boys today.

  7. I:heart: them on you!
  8. thanks!!
  9. not sure about shapes, but chanel as a brand in my opinion.
  10. I LOVE this description!!
  11. Besides Chanel, I would say the 'wayfarer' from Ray-ban is also a classic!
    This style looks great on almost everyone.

    It's best known for being worn by Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
    Recently, chloe sevigny (and other hipsters) had been spotted wearing it.
  12. I think sheanabelle's sunglasses are exactly what I think of when you say "classic and timeless". And being Chanel, nothing can beat them!
  13. Oversized and aviators.
    I love the ones from dVb - perfect fit and styles.
  14. ^^ in 2 words "oliver peoples" :tup:
  15. I agree about the wayfarers, aviators
    I'd check out brands that deal exclusively with glasses, like persol, oliver peoples etc.
    Nothing flashy with a monogram would last you.
    Only understated chic.