Classic sunglasses

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  1. After going through dozens of cheap crappy sunglasses :yucky:, I've finally decided to buy a high quality pair that will last me a while. i'm looking for a classic design that won't look dated anytime soon.

    i'm currently thinking of getting RB Wayfarers (if it's good enough for Audrey Hepburn, it's good enough for me...), but I'm not sure. If there are any other classic, sort of timeless designs you can think of, I'd really appreciate it. I have an image of black Chanels in my head, but can't find them anywhere, nor do I know what they're called.
    I'm trying to stay away from rhinestones and really flashy logos, and I don't really want to spend more than $400 (not sure if I can get Chanel for that price...)

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Coach Molly's look very Jackie O and timeless. They are probably by far my favorite pair Coach has ever come out with.
  3. I have these Chanel sunglasses in brown, and I think they are very classic. These pics were taken from someone's listing that I stumbled across on Craigslist.

  4. The classic Tom Ford sunglasses look good on almost everyone.

    ... and obvi Chanel always works.

    I love Chloe for ones with a little more funk, and Oliver Peoples for big huge hide-from-the-world days.
  5. Wihtout rhinestones you should be able to stay within your budget
  6. thanks everyone for your suggestions :smile: i like the coach ones and will look into tom ford as well. i'm currently eyeing a pair of black Chanels with quilted temples... but i won't be buying them until i actually try them on.
  7. I love the quilted templed sunnies! Although they do look beautiful, it's always best to check out in person if they'll suit you. Have fun trying them on!
  8. chanel is great for classics and as a first! i def agree with trying them on, go wild at the store.. i try on a million pairs just for fun b/c you never know what will look good on you. for example, i was so set on getting tom ford aviators this week but when i went to the store they totally did not fit my face so i ended up getting a diff pair of his. good luck!
  9. O my gosh, is this the same kind that i have?! i have the quilted templed one!! i just dont have a picture of it....maybe i can find one online....hmmm......
  10. Tom Ford, dVb and Gucci (the non-logo-ed ones) do fantastic sunnies.

    Get aviators or oversized if you want to stay in the trend forever.
  11. oh and PS about the Coach Molly's, the Coach stores don't have them anymore, but Sunglass Hut still carries them. I forgot to mention that.
  12. Definitely Chanels. I have two pairs and they are all I wear!
  13. ^^ yeah I love the Coach Mollys.
  14. I would say get the Ray-Bans! They are classic, pretty understated, flattering on almost everyone (I wear them, my SO wears them, my DAD wears them!), and reasonably priced compared to some other brands. For me that's important because I do pretty well with sunglasses but I have bad habits like forgetting to put them in the case and just tossing them in my bag, or one time I stuck them in my purse and they landed in a plastic bag with take-out, which I then threw in the trash... bye-bye glasses! With my R-Bs, I'm pissed off when I do stuff like that but not heartbroken because I'm out $100, not $400, KWIM?