Classic Speedy in DE, 25 or 30?

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  1. Hi everybody. Please help me on this. I am planning to get a classic Speedy in damier ebene in either 25 or 30. I don't want the bandouliere. I need to make a serious decision as I can't exchange if I make the wrong purchase and I have been saving for a Speedy for a long time and the price is increasing.

    I have an Alma pm in monogram. I like the size, and originally got it to use as an everyday work bag. However, I find that this Alma monogram looks dressy and it is also a bit heavier than the Speedy. I am 5'6 and quite slim. I want this Speedy to be an everyday work bag, and look understated and must not look flashy.

    Daily items I carry are a long wallet, small cosmetics pouch with 2 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss, powder and blush, a foldable umbrella, key pouch, mobile phone, a small pouch containing phone charger and earphones. It will be nice if I can fit a cardigan inside - I wonder if the 25 allows for that? I don't want the bag to be too heavy. I find the 25 looks small and cute and not sure if my daily essentials can fit in, while I'm uncertain if the 30 is a bit too big/bulky.

    I hope you can share with me your views and experience with your Speedy. Thanks!
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  2. I have a 30 and would really like to also have a 25 because I’m pretty short and slim and feel the 30 is often pretty big. However, to fit the things you listed comfortably I think you’d definitely need a 30. It really is a great size.
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  3. It surprised me too that my PM Alma is much heavier than Speedy Ebene 25. I also have two Speedys in size 30 in different prints, but rarely fill them up. So I think you’ll be happy with size 25, it fits a ton.
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  4. I have the Speedy B 25 in DE. I love it and it's plenty big enough for me. I have a Samorga organizer inside and it the Toiletry 19, a cosmetics case, Victorine wallet, key pouch with car fob/garage door opener, 6 key holder, good sized portable battery, pouch with earphones and cable, business card case and kleenex pouch. Nothing is stacked. If I wanted to put my sunglass case in I would have to place it along the top but I carry quite a lot with me.

    If all you want is daily essentials, 25 is plenty big. If you want to be able to add a cardigan, I think you need the 30.
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  5. I think your daily essentials would fit in the 25, plus your cardigan if you fold it neatly enough. But I wouldn't put a cardigan in a Speedy though, since it might snag on the zipper, even in the 30.
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  6. I have owned a Speedy 25 and I find that to be the perfect size for my smaller frame. While I am shorter than you, I am on the more slim side and the 30 looked enormous on me.

    That being said, the 30 would be perfect for everything you want to be able to use the bag for. Keep in mind it will get heavy.

    Here is a picture. I returned the 30 due to it not looking good against my frame.

    49E85A39-7236-4DAD-B861-15F812195BB4.jpeg F3875C73-EB01-487E-9E69-ADB9AD43B201.jpeg
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  7. I think 30 will look great on you. I’m 5’1” and think that my 25 b is somewhat too small on me sometimes if I don’t use the strap. And with the 30 you’ll be able to fit everything in with some room left. I’m seriously considering getting the classic 30 myself.

    Good luck!
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  8. I’d go with the 30. I believe these items would fit in a 25, but it will be snug, especially with the cardigan. I’m a little less than 5’2”, around 130 lbs and I don’t find the 30 too big/bulky on my frame. Besides, the opening of the 25 is quite small, it’d drive me crazy if it was only handheld.
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  9. Classic -30, Bando 25.
  10. My 1st Speedy is 30. Is a good size and I am only 5’1. It holds a coverup and a water bottle standing up. The 25 is good if you want to Speedy B for cross body. Since you are looking at the classics, I vote for 30. Bring all the stuff you use with you when you go in and try on the bag.
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  11. I have the speedy monogram 35 and it fits all your essentials plus any big cardigan or jacket. I chose the size 35 because it fits everything and more + I love how bigger bags look on me because I’m quite slim and tall
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  12. I have the Speedy B in both 25 and 30. The items you list will not fit in the Speedy 25. I too carry a long wallet, small cosmetics pouch, mini-pochette, keys and phone. It's roomy enough to sort through that but a cardigan and umbrella too? I don't think so. As a crossbody, I prefer the look of the Speedy 25 and as a hand-carry, prefer the look of the Speedy 30. But regardless, the items you want to fit would only go in the Speedy 30 or larger. Further, the opening on the Speedy 25 is smaller and would like snag your cardigan.
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  13. I think the 30 is the best choice. You’re the same height as I am plus you want room for a sweater.
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  14. Yep..+ 1
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  15. I have both sizes and prefer the 25 because I don’t carry a lot, but I think you’ll need the 30 to have room for a cardigan. Both will look great on your frame.
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