Classic S vs M/L

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  1. I currently have a Classic Double Flap in the 9" (Small Size), what are your thoughts on selling the S to get the Classic Double Flap in M/L?

    Has anyone own both, is there a difference, is the 1 inch difference worth selling and rebuying? :biggrin:

    Here are the dimensions:
    Classic Flap Small: 9.3" x 5.7" x 2.6"
    Classic Flap Medium/Large: 10" x 6.3" x 3"
    Classic Flap Jumbo: 11.8" x 7.9" x 3.9"
  2. i don't own the small flap but have tried both the small and medium flap back to back. I noticed that the medium to be more proportional on my frame. So it depends on how each looks on you. :smile:
  3. I've tried it on at the boutique, I really liked the shape of the M/L... :graucho:
  4. that extra inch does make a difference. I think you've already answered your question. :smile:
  5. Your right, I think I just did...:lol:

  6. the extra inch does make a difference and the shape of the m/l is just great! good luck, let us know what you end up with!
  7. I don't think that inch makes enough of a difference to make up for:
    1. the price hit you're going to take
    2. the possible headache of dealing with selling your bag
    3. the selling fees
    I've tried on both and ended up with the medium double flap lambskin. I sold it within a year and bought a small reissue.
  8. I purchased a jumbo the other day and found it to be to big and heavy on me. So traded it in for a medium flap and so far I love it. It carries all of my essentials which isn't much and looks so cute!
  9. M/L is my favorite size. Good luck with your decision.
  10. Your right, #2 will probably be what I'm most concerned about... :sad:
  11. Can you carry a full size wallet with the M/L?
  12. I have a rectangular mini and I'm thinking whether i need a small :thinking:
  13. I have to use a slim wallet if I want to fit more.

    My long wallet and iPhone will fit.

    I tried on small before and there really isn't a lot of difference.

    If you are buying them in stores, pricing doesn't make a lot of difference. But I would probably not sell small for m/l cuz you are not getting a lot more rooms but you will take a lot of loss.

  14. M/L is the best size in my opinion :smile: Good Luck
  15. I have to agree that while the M/L is a great size if you don't have one yet, the fact that you have the small leads me to say to stick with it. If you sell it on ebay, there are many things you have to deal with, and it's a buyer's marketplace and tons of scammers, especially if you don't have high feedback and have sold high end merchandise before. If you sell it to a second hand shop or even consign it, you will take a huge hit in the price, depending upon how long you've had it and the condition it's in (but you'll take a hit even if it's brand new in the box). So, I'd stick with the small. You don't gain that much room for what you'd lose financially for the upgrade.