Classic reveal :)

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  1. Here :popcorn:
  2. OOOOO Hurry! I can't handle the suspense!! I will go grab some coffee! So exciting.
  3. #18 Feb 4, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2014
    Hello ! So sorry for my late reveal , anyone around ? :smile:
    Thank you for allowing me to share .....

  4. here i am! quick! :P
  5. Here you go ! Thank you ! Love your Vernis ALMA :heart:
  6. Congrats on your perfect beautiful bag!!!
  7. Gorgeous classic!!!
  8. The bag is gorgeous!!!!!
  9. gorgeous classic! great pics of it too! congrats!
  10. Awesome! :heart:
  11. Congrats! It's amazing and so puffy! Looooove!
  12. Divine and because you had to wait to get it you will treasure it even more.
  13. a great classic congrats!
  14. OMG:heart::heart::heart: