Classic Reporter for the Guy

  1. Hi all, I am a avid LV fan and just want to share with all this classic Reporter I have. Though it falls under the women's category (why?) , I think it makes a perfectly manly man bag and I just love carrying this spacious bag with me! Maybe this is a great gift for you husbands (and if he don't like it, then it'll just be another great excuse for you to use it - the joy of sharing!)
  2. Looks great! I agree, it makes a perfect bag for a man! :smile:
  3. Looks absolutly FABULOSE, and that is a very cute and masculin bag.
  4. I think it is very masculine. Nice bag!!
  5. i am a guy and almost got thta but instead got a taiga messenger..that a very nice bag:tup:
  6. So classic!
  7. Is that the PM or GM. I want the GM soo bad. I saw one at my store but i looked like 5 years old. And it had a mysterious blue mark on it.
  8. Very useful bag.
  9. Classic bag for anyone!
  10. I like that one =) looks great!!
  11. There's a double-zip reporter-style bag in Taiga that looks pretty much like this. This one looks good, too.
  12. Great bag, and can be worn on a man too !!!
  13. This is a great bag...... I would SO it in Damier!
  14. excellent choice :tup: congrats!
  15. Congrats! It's a great bag- and soon to be hard to acquire since they've recently discontinued it.