Classic RED Bag?


Gucci or Gaucho?

  1. Gucci Bouvier $771

  2. Gaucho Tote $841

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  1. I'd love a red bag that's not a fad, not boring, can be casual and can have some edge. For less than $1,000! I'm considering the Guccissima Bouvier and Dior Gaucho. Any other suggestions?
    GUCCI bouvier.jpg gaucho-tote 1.jpg
  2. My vote goes to the Bouvier all the way! If you're looking for something more on the classic side, that isn't a fad, then this bag is definitely (IMO) what you should be looking for. The Gaucho is cute, yeah, but I see it as more of a passing fad and not as formal as the Bouvier can dress up to be. Let us know what you decide! And make sure to post pics :p
  3. Didn't we talk about this one yesterday? I remember seeing the pictures.

    I am still going with the Gucci~

    Hope you don't mind me being blunt... do you have your mind set on Dior and hope someone would agree with you? :graucho: Which is why you are asking for 2nd opinions? Cuz that happens to me sometimes, asking people to pick and when they pick the one I was not favoured to I ask them to pick again.. hahaa :p
  4. The Gucci is definitely a classic and classy. The Dior looks "too on the edge" to be a long lasting style.
  5. Balenciaga makes some great reds!

  6. Def Bouvier!!
  7. I think I like the Gucci now, but the Dior is also nice. I voted Gucci, but it would depend on if your outfits would better match one or the other... hard decision!
  8. My red Chanel Half Moon! Such a cutie!
  9. I'd have to go with the Gucci as well!
  10. gucci
  11. Gucci - you could dress it up or down, whereas the other could only go the casual route.
  12. Gucci. Dior will look dated tomorrow (if not yet)
  13. gucci totally i think the gauchos are really ugly ,, :smile:
  14. I love the Bouvier! But aren't both of those bags over $1K? :shrugs:
  15. kooba elisha is sweet in red, but ppl have loved on that bag so much i'm afraid ppl might scowl when i say that SO:

    Chanel makes DELICIOUS red leather.

    Balenciaga, oh man if i had a million dollars, the rainbow of balenciaga i would SLEEP on would make a woman ill, i swear to you. mua ha ha.

    i just dont' like gucci! if it was between those 2, it'd be the Dior.