Classic Q Natasha...which color?

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  1. Hi Gals,

    I wanted to get a crossbody bag and MJ definitely has the best designs! I originally wanted a pedal to the metal natasha but it's all sold out :sad:. Between the totally turnlock and classic q, I like the classic q better. (What do most of you think?!)

    Anyways, I decided to order a classic q natasha on and also on, one in raw sugar (beige) and one in newsprint (olive/grey). What color do you think will be more useful? I will post pictures once they arrive!

    Also do you think it's worthwhile paying full-price for these? I wanted to wait until Pedal to the metal natasha go on sale but it just get sold out before that. Do you think the classic q will go on sale? So far none of the fall/winter colors went on sale and they are nearly all gone :sad:.


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  2. If you really love something and have your heart set on it, then I wouldn't wait for a sale because it may be sold out, or not go on sale at all.

    I think those are both great colors - obviously the raw sugar is higher maintenance due to the light color so that is something to consider. Both are pretty versatile as these colors are fairly neutral in that they would go with most outfits.

    I would see how you feel once you have them in your hands and see which one you like more.
  3. my vote goes to newsprint. i think it's such a beautiful, complex color. versatile too and not quite so high maintenance.
  4. I will vote for rawsuger. Generally I carry crossbody during summer time. Light color will be a perfect choice.
  5. Personally, I prefer the totally turnlock Natashas because I like the non-pebbled leather with a slight sheen better. Plus, I just think the aesthetics of the turnlock are more appropriate for the style than the workwear tag. However, both styles are really cute! I really like the raw sugar, but if you're particularly rough with your bags or don't like to maintain them much, newsprint might be better. It's a shame the PTTM newsprint Natashas are sold out because I feel like that version of the color has less green/olive in it. Anyway, I definitely think full price is worth it. It's actually quite a reasonable price for an MbMJ bag of a decent size. There aren't any impending sales that I know of, and to be honest I don't know how many of these bags would be left for sale time anyway. :P Good luck!
  6. I vote newsprint as well.
    I'm terrible with lightcoloured bags, so I never vote for that.
    I like the Classic Q Natasha. I know a few bags here and there from the Classic Q line have gone on sale, but I don't recall the Natasha ever being one of those bags.

    Like others have said, if you like it enough, don't take the risk of waiting.
    But from what I gather, the Classic Q line is not in as high demand as the PttM line at the moment.
  7. Thanks so much gals! The comments are great!

    I do love both colors. I like neutral color bags cuz they're more can wear whatever and they would go great with the outfits.

    Other than, I haven't seen any classic q natasha in newsprint. Have you guys seen it at nordstrom or bloomingdales? Or is it something a particular vendor carries?

    I will get the raw sugar tomorrow :smile:. Can't wait to have it and take some pictures. I'm generally pretty careful with my bags but I"ll have to see if newsprint is even more stunning.

  8. i just purchased the raw sugar and i have to tell you i love it! i'm wondering if there is a way to scotch guard it again denim since that makes up most of my wardrobe.
  9. id go for newsprint its such a lovely colour!
  10. Do NOT Scotchgard your designer leathers! :P Try a spray from Apple Care.