Classic Q Natasha feels heavy :(

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  1. So I took my new Natasha out of the closet because I want to wear it this weekend finally. I just put all my stuff in it, which is not THAT much, and it seems rather heavy! Especially since it's crossbody style. I dunno what to do. I at first tried it on over a tank top and that made it super heavy, but then I stuck a jacket on and tried it. It did feel better but was still on the heavy side. I have an LV French Purse wallet, a little LV zippy purse for extra cards, a nylon Prada makeup bag with a few things inside, keys, Blackberry and a pen inside the bag.

    Should it be heavy enough to notice?? I'm pretty used to heavy bags, but most of my crossbodies are on the lighter side. Maybe I just need to get used to it? I don't want to have to return because I got it for an amazing price!

  2. No one else has this bag? :sad:
  3. I have a Natasha turnlock (not the one with the worker label on the front). For me, it's one of the lighter bags I have. The leather feels nice, but light, and the strap has a thick, almost spongey feel.

    I think you night have the one with the worker label instead of the turnlock? The main differences (I think) are the turnlock on the front, and the strap. I think the strap on the classic one is thinner than the one on mine, so I could see it feeling heavy. I've looked at the classic Natasha in the stores, and one of the things holding me back is the lighter look of the strap. I can see it feeling like it's cutting into you if you have a fair amount in your bag.

    I also feel like even though it's marketed as a crossbody, it's on the big side for that (for me, anyway). Anything bigger than a small-size bag just seems to overpower me and get in the way if I try to wear it crossbody.

    It's still a nice bag, though. Could you get away with pulling out one or two of the heavier things?
  4. Weight is really subjective. You are the only one who can decide whether or not a bag is too heavy for you. KWIM?
  5. ita! If the bag really "is" too heavy for you, I would resell it!