Classic Q Hillier or Classic Q Natasha?

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  1. I'm in love with the color dirty martini and have narrowed it down to 2 styles which come in this color. I think the Natasha is more functional-great size-easy access and hands free......YET- I love the slouchy larger look of the Hillier and am a little afraid that crossbody bags will phase out and look dated in a year or two (just like they did in the 70's). Someone please assist me with exploring more pros and cons of each bag.....and which do you think looks more stylish? I'm 5' 61/2", slim and both look proportional on me. thanks for any feedback!
  2. Hm... they're different bags, so it's hard to say. I think both have a classic look -- I haven't even considered the idea of crossbody styles looking dated. (I sometimes shorten the strap on my turn lock natasha so it's not a crossbody anyway -- maybe that's an option for the classic Q, too?)

    Anyway, for me, it would come down to what size I'm missing from my collection. If I need a bigger hobo, I'd get the Hillier. A smaller everyday bag, I think the Natasha will look great for a while, too.

    Either way, dirty martini is awesome. I have it in the little Ukita, and it is my current go-to bag.

    Can't wait to hear what you pick!
  3. I would say, I like the hillier, I tried the natasha today, for the first time, and I don't really like it. Maybe because it can't be used on the shoulder, and only has a body strap.
  4. OK, I just ordered the Hillier Hobo in dirty martini-while I thought the Natasha was a great bag, I didn't have anything like the elongated hobo and I think it makes more of a statement-matches great with my Dolce Vita Elton ankle boots in desert.

    I pre-saled it from a neighboring states' Bloomies with 20% off F&F, no tax, free shipping:biggrin:
  5. yay, Hillier!
  6. the hillier in dirty martini is gorgeous, nice choice! hope you'll do a reveal
  7. Great choice! My vote would've been for the hillier anyways.