Classic Q hillier hobo what colour???

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  1. ok so since i got my 1sr marc jacobs bag i want another...ha!!!im thinking of this bag should i get it in raw sugar or grape juice????
  2. also can this bag be held comfprtably on the shoulder without using the long strap???
  3. I can't comment on the strap, but if it were me I would get the raw sugar.
  4. has anyone here purchased it in the tan colour??/if so do you have any pics
  5. just after looking through it and i love it in the brown or saddle as they call saddle the same as nice tan???
  6. No, the Hillier has come in a myriad of colors, and nice tan and saddle are different. Try doing a search because there have been a ton of threads and posts about the Hillier started here on the subforum. I know a tPFer just did a reveal for her nice tan Aidan (at least, I think I remember it being an Aidan). Also, check out all the pics and modeling pics of the Hillier by doing a search. It can definitely fit on the shoulder.
  7. Between raw sugar and grape juice, though, I'd definitely pick raw sugar. I'm biased, however. I love ivory and white on bags, and I hate purple. :lol:
  8. I'd pick raw sugar.
  9. i'd pick raw sugar also, love that color
  10. raw sugar is a lovely ivory color, lovely, i would get that too!
  11. I pick raw sugar! But the grape juice is a pop
  12. ye im leaning towards the nice tan now after seeing marcia cross with it.what you think????
  13. Raw Sugar is so pretty!
  14. Pretty much everyone who's replied here has said raw sugar. :P