Classic Q Hillier Hobo in 'Cashew'?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking into buying a new MBMJ and I want a Hillier hobo to add to my collection. I just saw the Classic Q Hillier Hobo in 'Cashew' on shopbop and I;m finding that I love the colour! I was wondering if anyone owns this bag in this colour and if so, is it as bright yellow as shown in the pics? Or a mustard type of yellow?
  2. I have not seen it IRL but I like it! Why not get it and return it if you don't like it? It's free returns, no?
  3. I was just @ nordies n saw it IRL....IMO, I would have to say it's def got more of a mustard-y hue to it! Good luck! I agree w sneezz about returning if you don't like....idk if you have a nordies close to you, but you can always return (free in store, may charge if shipped), but they also offer a price match guarantee!....