classic pink with heart chain

  1. Hi,

    If anyone is looking for a classic pink with heart chain, it's on sale at Saks ohio/beachwood. 30%off of $1015.00.
    Call Chris at 216-292-5500 :love:
  2. Is the pink a light pink or a darker pink?

  3. *gasp* :graucho:
  4. Big, small? Light pink, fuschia?
  5. Sorry, I have noooo idea. He just said classic pink with heart chain...
    I am sure he'll be happy to answer all your questions..:love:
  6. I just called, it's the light pink and got sold last night. Maybe it was a PFer who bought it! :biggrin:
  7. Wow, that was fast! I have a suspicion that it was PFer as well...:yes:
  8. hi, i need some help here, i'm buying this classic pink with heart chain from this guy from eBay, i was looking at the picture for hours, and i finally found something which does not look right. the back side pocket of the bag, the stitching is not match with the bag, please let me know if i should buy it, the eBay item # 170002377895, please take a look and tell me, i'll have to pay him today, thanks guys
  9. yuck! that's a fake!!!
  10. Don't pay him anything....
  11. OMG! I sure hope you didnt pay him because it's a horrible fake. :throwup:

    He's had the same bag up for sale for at least a month or two now, hopefully no one will ever buy it
  12. Hmm, is this the bag that solitaire was looking for a while back?
  13. Yes, I wonder if she is still interested in the real one. The one that she looked at on ebay was authentic.
  14. Oh... how did i miss this thread? :crybaby:

    I always missed out good deals ... :crybaby:
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