Classic Pearl Single Strand Necklace Issues?

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Keep or Return?

  1. Keep necklace as is. If need be get it repaired later

  2. Go for full return

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  1. Hi everyone

    Just wondering if anyone has issues with their classic strand pearl necklaces such as these:

    The little wrap around wires are loose. This necklace is actually the replacement for the previous one I had with this issue. The wires just wrap around the actual metal eyelet so there's nothing structurally comprised. I just don't know if it's worth being bothered by or should be returned. They can "repair" it but it'll take 12 I'm not sure. The SA said its ok to think about it for a week but that they will all be like that. I waited 3 weeks for this new necklace to come in since the US seems to have a shortage right now. I don't want to upgrade to another pearl necklace because I can barely stomach the cost of this one. The style is a43119 z2104 974153. Thank you for any input!
  2. No one?
  3. Can anyone please chime in? :sad: I'm really torn. Im leaning more towards keeping it. But of course if they refund it it'll pay some bills lol
  4. I don't see what's wrong with it?

    If the SA says they'll all be like that, then what is your concern? whether or not you should bring it back and get credit or exchange for another item? or if you should try and "repair it" or get another replacement?

    IMO, I think it's fine and I wouldn't stress over it? but then again, I really have no clue what you're referring to because I don't really see anything... other than the fact that the one loop isn't soldered shut? and I don't even know if that's your issue... :confused1:
  5. It's the wires that wrap around the loop that connects the Chanel crystal thing to the pearls. They're loose and one has a loose end hence its not wrapped tightly. I don't know if it'll come loose after much wear. The previous necklace was really bad and she acknowledged it and got in the replacement which is this and it's better but they're still loose. She's offering a full refund not just a credit. So am I just being really picky? It's just a lot of money. If nobody thinks it's anything to write home about then I will keep the necklace because otherwise I love it.
  6. Yeah, you have a problem with a loose wire.
  7. I don't hv such a necklace, but personally, I'm concerned tat the loose wire will get worse or it could snag on your clothes. Since the SA is offering the refund, I'd go for that if I'm not 100% happy with my purchase. Good luck. ;)
  8. If i were you. I will ask for a full refund and wait for a new one. I know the price, and i dont want to spend that amount on something not perfect. :smile:
  9. But that is the new one. Which new one do you mean? If all are like that it means theyre cutting corners on the cheaper single strand and charging a leg for it. Sometimes I wonder if I'm better off buying a real double strand pearl necklace and just attaching a brooch :/
  10. New piece or new design maybe ? :smile:
  11. Maybe you are right. But this is supposed to be classic :sad: funny I looked at the more expensive double strand and the wires are wrapped tightly!! It made me so mad! I don't want to spend twice as much for that!
  12. I don't think it's normal, but it wouldn't bother me either. If you're asking, then it bothers you and should probably return it and wait for another!
  13. I have this exact necklace and I guess I never noticed it! Now I am concerned as well about it getting caught on clothing or coming apart. I unfortunately purchased it about 3 years ago :sad: Please let me know the outcome.
  14. Hi does yours have the same loose wire? Do you have any photos you could share? How has it held up over 3 years? How often do you wear it? Please let me know your experience :smile:
  15. I guess I'm fussy that I notice tiny details and the quality just doesn't justify that price for me :sad: