Classic or Valentine? help

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  1. I wanted to get a medium classic in black/gold but recently saw the valentine bag in black/gold. It costs a little less, there's no second flap and it also has added charms on the chain. I don't know if there are any other differences, which one should I go with? What are your thoughts? Are the charms a cute addition or look too silly?
  2. I will vote for classic flap
  3. I think except for the charm, inside the valentine there is no flap/cover, the classic has double flaps. I will vote for the classic one because I worry that the charms may scratch the delicate lambskin. I have to admit the Valentine flap does very tempting!!
  4. Thank you for the replies. I'm not too crazy about the second flap, seems like it gets in the way so that part isn't very significant for me. The valentine bag is also $600 less, which seems like a good savings, it even has leather interior and that is a plus.
    My only concerns were the gold looks slightly lighter toned than the classic and also, as cute as the charms are, will they look silly or juvenile after sometime? It's so hard to decide!
  5. I think the valentine flap is adorable and looks close to classic flap for less $. The only thing that would concern me is the delicate nature of the lambskin. If you were considering getting the classic in lambskin I think this is a good alternative. If you grow tired of the charms you should be able to remove them with pliers without affecting the integrity of the chain.
  6. I would get the classic, it's iconic. I'd worry about the charms deteriorating over time. I think the valentine flap is cute in pink but not as cute in black. But that's just my opinion...
  7. Thanks ladies! My dilemma has been solved! Apparently, the blk isn't available in gold finish in the medium size. Only the small size comes in gold. Medium blk is in silver hardware only, I already have a boy in blk with silver hardware so I do prefer having something in gold this time. Seems like all of you voted for the classic anyways, and it wins! Thank you very much for the quick replies :heart:
  8. Hands down the classic!
  9. Yay. You won't regret it. I forgot to add to my post that I would choose the classic over the valentine as well.

  10. The valentine bag had to be cancelled as they don't have it in gold hardware with the black(sigh) so I'm back to getting the classic. I really do love lambskin and I don't think I'll use this bag daily, so I am still opting for the lambskin. The caviar doesn't look as dressy as the lamb, am I wrong?

    Thinking of medium black classic in lambskin with gold hardware.

  11. Yay, but no savings of $600😔
    Oh well, what's another $600, right? I'm sure this price will seem like a bargain next year.
  12. I got my Valentine Flap in Black, Medium with light GHW from Saks. It seems that Saks carries the light GHW version while the Chanel boutiques carry the SHW version - at least that's what I heard.

    I did a reveal here showing the different ways this V flap can be carried. I find it to be very versatile because you can play around with the placement of the charms.

    It's possible to remove the charms if you get fed up with them one day.

    I also waterproofed it since it's lambskin. Here's the thread with the results:

    Hope this helps!
  13. Ohhh so I need to call saks and check perhaps. I heard Neimans only had the small in gold and the boutiques only have the silver. They make things so complicated.
    I can't seem to get to your link for the bag, it's taking me elsewhere. How are you liking your bag so far? Did you consider a classic too or knew you wanted this?
  14. I really like it. I wasn't even considering getting M/L size initially. But I was attracted by the charms styling. Then I compared the classic and the V flap and felt that I preferred the V flap.

    Since you can't get to the thread through the link, i will repost some of the photos here... Maybe you can use the search function. The name of the thread is: Valentine bags S/S 14.

  15. Here are some of the photos:

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