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classic or trendy

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  1. When purchasing a Chanel bag...does every purchase have to be considered a classic...and do you only buy for longevity...or do you buy as you're it's just a trendy bag that's seasonal???

    I buy what I like...even if it wont be timeless...I still have to have the "IT" bag even if it's only gonna be "IT" for a short amount of time. Maybe the style will repeat itself in the future-I hope!!!
  2. It doesn't matter to me if it's a classic or trendy bag. I just have to love it.:yes:
  3. daym!!! I forgot to put the option for both!!! I tried to edit it...didn't know how-ugh =(

    I would have picked both!!!
  4. I buy any bag b/c I like it.... doesn't matter to me what is trendy or classic
  5. I buy what I like...though I would tend to go toward classic just b/c I could carry it 10 years from now. If i am going to spend that much on a bag i would hope i could carry it 10 years from now lol
  6. I tend to pick a classic style, so I voted for classic.

    If I like something trendy and can't stop thinking about it, I will get it.
  7. I buy whatever I like and will see myself using in the future. As long as I like it and know I'll use it more than a couple of times, I'll buy it, whether it's "trendy" or "classic."
  8. I just buy what I like.....but I do find myself now prefering more classic styles.
  9. i love having a mix of both,,,but i usually buy in my self-created category "Classic-edgy" LOL
    the most classic bag i own is the Jumbo caviar flap in winter white
    the most trendy will be the baby animal when i get it (although the style is pure classic) , or the vinyl Coco cabas (or is the vinyl Coco Cabas "classic edgy"? ) i think i'm tired :p :roflmfao:

    but this is a great thread!
  10. I agree with the Buy what you like most...
  11. i wish i could of voted both ... if you get the "IT" bag, in a few years IT might come back to be the IT bag and by then it would be considered as a CLASSIC
  12. i won't care if it's classic or trendy! i usually don't wanna buy a "hype" bag! but totally fall in love with the coco cabas before it was considered hype and worn by celebs and shown in like "every" magazine.
    but i buy it anyway cause i like the style sooo much :yes:
  13. classic classic!! unless its something i know i'll love forever..
  14. I don't really care!!! I just buy what I like~
  15. Yeah, it doesn't matter if it is classic or trendy- if I love it then I am going to get it!:p