Classic or Trendy?

  1. *Louboutin newbie here*

    I'm eying a pair of glitter Loubies and was wondering if this kind of look is going out of style anytime soon? or is it a classic?
  2. Hi there! :welcome:

    I don't follow trends well so I may not be much help here. I think anything you love is on trend for you. Which type/color of glitter on which model of CL are you considering?
  3. I agree with cts900, I don't follow trends either. I tend to buy what I like, if they go out of style next year, it doesn't matter, as long as you still like. I would wear it 10 years from now as long I am comfortable with them and they fit properly.
  4. I agree with both. I don't follow trends either, so get whatever you like. And please keep us updated on which one you get :smile:.
  5. I think it depends on what you pair the shoe with but a little touch of glitter (as opposed to looking like Tinkerbell exploded above your head) can be very classy. Which pair are you considering? :graucho:
  6. I would not use the word classic, but perhaps "timeless." I don't think that any glittery item could be considered classic; however, I don't see glitter shoes being completely out. If nothing else, they are amazing for the holidays! :love:
  7. I agree with Jenaywins! I think they will always be around and they will look so festive and pretty during the holidays!
  8. depends.

    i have a pair of non-cl glitter pumps that i never wear. i bought them bc they were cheap.

    however, i have a pair of cl balotas which i imagine wearing out bc they're a sandal and more versatile imo.