classic or trendy?


    would you consider this to be "classic" or a "trendy" purse?

    i don't want to spend so much money on a bag only for it to be out a fashion in a few months. i try to stick with "classic" items these days.

    what do you think of this purse?
  2. i think it's slightly trendy..... but you will be able to use it for yrs. if that makes any sense.
  3. Classic for sure! I think most will agree that the Stam is one of the most popular MJ styles, hence why it is reproduced year after year.
  4. definately classic. i use my stams frequently and the style is referancing a nice classic vintage frame bag, but it's updated and quirky with the chains...a great purchase, especially in black!
  5. A true classic!:tup:
  6. ^^lol at trendy.......this is MJ's signature's a classic
  7. Classic all the way!
  8. I agree, this is a classic bag... and definitely an iconic!!
  9. classic, in the future it could be the "chanel classic flap bag"
  10. Classic with a twist of trend! You can wear this bag for decades and pass down to daughters and grand daughters.:queen:
  11. Classic. I don't understand when people say MJ is trendy. Yes, the bags are "now" but everything goes in a cycle. If you get a stam it will be very iconic as Thithi said.
  12. ITA! :yes:
  13. Classic
  14. Classic IMO
  15. when the bag first came out, i thought it was trendy since all of young hollywood seemed to be carrying it. but its proven to be a classic, and i absolutely love my black stam! :love: