Classic or Reissue?

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  1. Hi Ladies, I am going to Paris next month and even it is still a month away from my trip, I cannot stop thinking buying Chanel bags. I can't make up my mind whether I want to get a classic flap or reissue. My small chanel family include:

    1. black metallic reissue (I am not sure if it is 225 or 226)
    2. small black classic flap (I am not sure if this is considered as the classic as it is smaller in size, in "wrinkle" patent leather, and the color of the CC logo and the chain are in dull silver, not shiny silver)
    3. grey camera bag
    4. black classic mini
    5. white large CC logo half moon shape shoulder bag (what is the official name of this bag? this is the large version of the half moon WOC)

    I want to get a medium size classic or reissue. I don't want to get a black one as most of my chanel bags are black. It seems that reissue has more color options? Any thoughts/opinion? I haven't bought a Chanel bag since 2008/2009 so I am really excited about it. :smile:
  2. I just recently got my first reissue so I vote reisssue. So effortlessly stylish and chic and IT IS the ORIGINAL Chanel that was designed in 1955.
  3. i like the reissue because it's light and in my mind it's the "original chanel bag". but, given you have a black metallic reissue, i would get a classic in red! i love the 12A red classic M/L!
  4. evs, what color did you get?
  5. I do agree that the red classic is very nice! Just hard to imagine myself using a red bag...I guess I need to try it on and see ;)
  6. First I bought an anniversary grey reissue and now a 12a navy. Still deciding which one to keep or both!

    I have to say the navy one feels much thicker and sturdy than the anniversary. But anniversary is so special!
  7. ^ Do you have pictures for both?
  8. i hv a M/L classic and reissue 226.. and I'm absolutely in love with reissue.... light weight and more space.. effortlessly chic too! :biggrin:
  9. reissue. i will be buried in my coffin with several reissues thats how much i love them. oh god why did i say that :P xx
  10. Haha! :biggrin:
  11. I vote for the reissue. Just got one too in a 227 in the plum and love how light it is and so roomy! Besides you already have the two classic (mini and small) so you can even out your collection :smile:
  12. 227 in plum...Nice! What is the price now for 227? I realized I don't use my Chanel bags very often as most of the ones I have are small (the reissue camera bag is not bad as it can fit quite a lot of things). If I get a 227, I think I am able to use it more!

    A lot of reissue votes here! I am worried that there will be no reissue or classic available at Paris at the time I go and then come home with empty hands :faint:
  13. I'm loving the pale gold with ghw reissue!! :loveeyes:
  14. I love both, but the Jumbo offers a real cross-body option. The Reissue strap is too short for that option.
  15. Really? I actually think the reissue strap is great for cross body while the jumbo is a lot longer.