classic or reissue?

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  1. im confused which one is the best buy
  2. not really a question of best, more of what suits you :smile:
    personally I like the classic more
  3. They are equally beautiful, if you can only have one, get the one that you like the most.
  4. I like them both, but I would go for a classic flap if I had a choice to just get one of the two, also it helps that the lassic flap is cheaper.
  5. Reissue!! It's the most amazing!!
  6. I had this same dilemma and after much agonising, I went for the classic. I actually prefer the look of the reissue but I just thought you couldn't beat the classic CCs on the classic bag. It is instantly recognisable as Chanel and my BF thought that for a non-expert, the reissue isn't so obviously recognisable as Chanel. And considering the amount I spent on it, I damn well want people to know it's a Chanel!!! I will be saving up for a reissue though because I think they are both must-have bags but if you are only going to get one chanel bag in your life, I would get the classic.
  7. I love both buy I think if I was to only have one, or as a first Chanel, I'd stick with the classic.
  8. the reissue is tdf!:tup:
    subtle yet instantly recognised as chanel.
  9. I'd get the reissue- but that's b/c I like the lock style and the double flap feature.
  10. I like both actually, but I'd go with the classic as a first chanel..
  11. I love both styles ,the reissue better though.I think ,as said above, you should get what will appeals to you most-just follow your heart!:yes:
  12. Reissue
  13. i like both, but please get the one that you will be happiest with!
  14. For me personally, I'll always be a classic flap gal. I like the CC closure.
  15. personally i never into the reissue... i love the classic