Classic or not?

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  1. I bought this bag about a month ago and have yet to use it. I really like it but I am worried it might not be classic enough to enjoy in years to come. My new rule is to only buy bags with staying power. Do you think it will look dated in a year or two?

  2. Is it Balenciaga? I like the look of it...
  3. Balenciagas are classics. I definitely don't think it'll be out of style in a few years.

    That being said, if you're unsure about it, maybe exchange it for one that you love, and am confident about?
  4. :love: Balenciaga :love:
  5. I honestly don't know if the Geant hardware bags will have the staying power as the regular bags, but Bbags have surprised me before. I never figured the motorcycle bags would have the staying power and continued popularity they do, but I guess that's why no one pays me for my fashion opinions. :p It's a REALLY nice looking bag you bought, BTW. I made the same rule for myself earlier this year about only buying "classic" bags, so I understand your conundrum!
  6. I love this bag; I prefer it to the more popular Bbag. I think it's gorgeous. :heart:
  7. Balenciaga is definitely a classic!:heart: In case you don't love this particular style, you could exchnge it for a different Balenciaga style, maybe with regular hardware- the regular hardware will probably be more timelesss IMO.:yes: All of my BBags are with regular hardware;)
  8. I think you can't go wrong with a quality bag like Balenciaga in the long run - particularly b/c the tote shape, brown leather and solid hardware will look good now and 10 years from now! The thing I love about BBags is their lived-in, slouchy glamour. That's a look that, in my opinion, is bound to last.
  9. I love the classic look of a brief, and I actually like it better with GH!! :yes:

    I wasn't a huge fan of the GH when Bal first came out with it, but now I am obssessing over it and I am planning on getting my first gold GH bag within the next week or two... Then they are coming out with silver GH for Fall *Yea!* so, I am planning on eventually getting something in the silver GH as well...

    To me, the gold GH seems more classic, the silver a bit edgier... as it has also been mentioned by others in the Bbag area... :heart:
  10. There is a slight edge to this bag which I really like. I only buy a bag I enjoy & this would qualify. If you like it now, just continue to love it in future!
  11. I think it is classic as a good workhorse tote. We should all have a hunky tote in our wardrobe -- for travel, or for days when we need to carry a lot of stuff but don't want to look all encumbered. Bottom line: if you don't love it now, you won't love it later. So do think about this.
  12. That bag is gorgeous and if I had it I would carry it forever, regardless of who said it was "out."
  13. It's a keeper. Wow.
  14. This bag is a classic. Its gorgeous I'd keep it.
  15. IMO: I think it's gorgeous and *classic* enough. I agree it has a slight *edge* to it, but not so much that it makes it trendy. I say keep it and wear it ASAP...
    BUT, if it's just not striking your fancy, then by all means exchange it for a bag that you do love.