classic or limited

  1. Hi, wanna know your openion in this , what is the best to buy from LV .. a classic or limited ?
    I am confused between dentelle speedy & manahttan PM
  2. Hi 123 and welcome!!! This is a great question. I normally would say classic, but LV has come out with some pretty amazing limited stuff lately. The Dentelle speedy is adorable! I say both! (I'm sure that doesn't help.) lol
  3. I'd say Mahattan PM first , if the purpose of the bag is for everyday use...
  4. I like the LE stuff right now... But if you had to make a decision, here's a tip:

    - For LE pieces, can you live with paying outrageous prices later on or a mark-up if you don't get it now?

    - For Classic, well, it's classic for a reason. Everyone notices or sometimes knows it's a Louis Vuitton for its classic items.

    So it's really up to you. When I first started, it was all from the Classic line, but now I guess my threshold has definitely went up OR I just want to mix it up, so I only buy if it's limited or unique.

  5. Welcome.
    If you want an everyday bag that won't date then I would say choose the Mahnattan. But if you love a LE edition piece then grab it as soon as you can afford it, otherwise you might end up trying to get one on eBay for double the price.:push:
    In the end, you should choose whatever you love most.:yes:
  6. Grab the Dentelle Speedy first if you really love that bag. It's LE, as you know, and won't be around for long. You'll be able to get the Manhattan later if you choose to do so. Ideally, you can get both then no decision has to be made. Haha. Either way, they're both beautiful bags --- can't go wrong with either one. Just analyze what would fit your needs best at this time. Good luck! :smile:
  7. I like the limited stuff more. So, if you don't get it now and still want it later, you can end up paying more than retail.
  8. Hmmmm.... depends on the bag for me.

    I personally don't like the dentelle line (only the kirsten is okie for me...) but say if I REALLY like a LE bag (like the upcoming Motard Biker :drool:), then i just follow my heart with whatever I like more and in this case, I'd get the LE bag. So.... it's all really up to you.
  9. recently past couple of years I would say limited is what I am going for. Just so many gorgeous LE coming out.
  10. OOOH toughy. I would go with the Dentelle , since its LE . The other bags you can always get, ANd before i didnt think it was a nice bag the dentelle, now that i see less of it Im falling in love. SO if you have the opportunity get it. Good luck!
  11. Welcome! Buy the ones you love most.;)
  12. IMHO if you don't have many LV you should go with classic...if you have a lot of the standard bags, then it's time to start on the limited items.

    But like others are saying..get what you love the most!

    Good luck and let us know what you get! :flowers:
  13. I personally like the Manhattan a lot more than the Dentelle, but it's up to you. I think most people start off with classics, but gradually as their collections get larger, they start to pick up the pricier LE items.
  14. as for me, i'd prefer the manhattan PM. the dentelle speedy is nothing to shout bout tho even it's a seasonal item.i can spot a few people carrying it in my area.

    but, it's all up to u tho. good luck and dunt forget to share w/ us!!! =)
  15. As Cecilia stated, it depends on the bag... with that said, I would get the limited first.