classic or limited

  1. Hi, wanna know your openion in this , what is the best to buy classic or limited ?
  2. That's a hard question. It really depends on the bag. But, a limited edition is great because not many people have the bag... but a classic bag is also good because you can wear it for years to come (hence being called classic).

    Are you trying to decide between a classic and LE bag?
  3. depends on which design. imo, l.e. bags aren't very limited in numbers and there are always a handful of them on eBay. it really is down to which design u like more
  4. both!
  5. Ive often not liked the LE bags (too fussy, sometimes over the top) as much as the classic ones for Dior, and I'd personally go for different variations of signature bags than LE.
  6. I don't care about the classic or limited bag as long as I like it.