Classic monogram Gucci Pochette - how to use?

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  1. Hi you all,

    I own a classic Gucci Pochette with beige canvas monogram and the signature red and green leather handle, like this one (see pic below)

    I bought it many years ago as a teenager as my first luxury item ever. Funny enough, I remember not getting any dustbag with it, it was on sale in a london boutique so maybe that was due to the sale.. anyway, I have it sitting at home and am wondering how to use it. I only wore it 5 times maybe and then the short strap starting bothering me. Does Gucci sell individual straps that one could use to make this bag longer?

    I already considered using it as a make up bag... I cannot sell it, its too much of a memory, but now that the classic monogram gucci bags are, apparently, coming back in style, i wondered what to do with it.

    Does anyone own this little bag?
    Any advise on what to do with it?
  2. Definitely fashionable again, especially since mini bags are also 'in'.

    Gucci do sell separate straps but they're more for travel size bags. I also can't see where you could attach it too without taking the original handle off and I wouldn't do that.

    You can carry it in the hand as it, perhaps add something pretty now and again like a small charm or ribbon.

    Or thread a thin scarf or ribbon through the attachments, knot/bow the top and wear it on the shoulder. Many do this with old H Kelly bags that don't have shoulder straps.

    Here with an H Kelly and a Kelly Cut so you get the idea:
    50690e892afa91ebb0a2876ff493b2f1.jpg 70210eb69b35e2901fc7fb43d2c102ea.jpg
  3. If you have a detachable strap from another nag, use that. Or you could buy a thin shoulder strap from eBay, Leather or chain. There are many members who have posted about this in several subforums.

  4. thanks for your advise! Would you have a link for me by any chance?

    So you think I shouldnt get rid of it?
  5. This is the thread that I can remember. I think the seller on ebay is rebirthday.

    I think that if you still like and use for it then keep it. I like small pouches as that is how I organize my stuff. I have turned some pouches into cross body bags. I don't think you need to buy a Gucci strap, just find a strap that has the same color hardware and it should be fine.