~~Classic + Modern= Double Damier Live Reveal!~~

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  1. Ok so I was browsing at Garden State Plaza yesterday (love that mall) and decided to get two Damier pieces I've been admiring from afar. Anyone up for a live reveal?:graucho::yahoo:I'll show a peek of what the goodies were toted home in
  2. :popcorn: Bring it on!
  3. I am here!
  4. waiting to see....
  5. Yay we've got an audience! Ok Here they are in all there boxed glory: [​IMG]

    And well start with this one: [​IMG]
  6. Coming out of its sleep: [​IMG]

    Showing some skin you know it now: [​IMG]
  7. Let's see!!
  8. Damier Azur Keep It! [​IMG]

    Heres a wrist shot: [​IMG]

    I have a 6.5inch wrist so i got the 17". It fits perfect and I love it!
  9. Where did everyone go :sad:
  10. That's pretty!
  11. Ok next up! [​IMG]
  12. I'm here! :woohoo:
  13. Any guesses: [​IMG]
  14. I'd say a scarf.
  15. a damier wallet?