Classic Medium (in Ref: Small) Exchange?

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  1. Hi there everyone! I'm from Liverpool!

    I have just bought the Classic Medium (in Ref: Small) bag in lambskin with Gold HW for 1525 pounds from the boutique at London Bond St... but I am already having second thoughts about changing it to the Large (in Ref: Medium) size ones for 1610 pounds? :confused1:

    The problem I had was that I couldn't fit in my mobile phone and purse in the one that I bought! :crybaby:

    Do they allow for exchanges at a different store say in Manchester?? :confused1:

  2. hi!

    In our Chanel Shopping forum there's a thread all about returning/exchanging in Chanel Boutiques.
    Please do a search and join that existing thread:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.