Classic Medium Flap or Pouchette Flap??

  1. Need some opinions. I am trying to decide between the classic medium flap or the pouchette (e/w) flap. I am thinking lambskin with gold hardware.
  2. Hard to say...again, what other chanels do you have, large, or small.
    I have a jumbo and a GST and now got the E/W which I am loving....can wear it day or nite, sport or dressy, but it depends on what else you have....:heart:H
  3. Sorry-- forgot to mention this would be my first Chanel handbag.
  4. IMO, either one will not disappoint. With the medium you can carry a wallet whereas with the e/w I use a credit card holder and dispense with the long wallet and there is more room for other "stuff." If you can try each style on, it may help you decide which one looks best.
  5. Funny, b/c I am making the same decision today or at least this week. (b/c Saks has EGC) I have been going back and forth for over a month now, but I think I am going with e/w. I am going to Saks today to try them on again. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  6. Kern23, I'll go with the e/w. I'll tell you my current situation: I excitedly went to get myself a medium flap for my first Chanel. Well I love it and still do but now that I'm yearning for my next chanel which is the much bigger jumbo flap, I think the medium flap is kind of out of place. I would have gotten more use out of a e/w if I had one which I will bring out for a nice night out whereas to me, a medium flap would be a little too bulky.
  7. tough dilemma! I was wondering the same myself - i always felt your first chanel should be a classic piece and the e/w isnt a classic (hard to believe, huh?). i don't know though, i love the e/w more ! Sorry I cant help lol
  8. I'm kindda going huh for several reasons. I consider the e/w a classic. It's just a shorter version of the medium sans double flap, double chain. (The e/w chain is adjustable, if you didn't know this already.) Second chuckle is back in the day the medium classic was my special occasion purse for dinners, weddings, funerals. I would have used it as a day bag but I didn't want to beat it up as it's lambskin and the first Chanel my husband gave to me. I see both medium and e/w as ideal purses for any occasion. (And those that only buy jumbos, please don't get your knickers in a twist. They are great day purse when you want to load that sucka up with everything but the hot iron.)
  9. I have also been looking at both. Both are beautiful. The e/w is a pretty small bag. I think it depends how much stuff you carry and whether the price between e/w and medium matters to you.

    Good luck!
  10. :confused1:Could've fooled me....I always thought it was part of the timeless classic....:heart:H

  11. Thank you to everyone-- All of you have summarized exactly how I am feeling. This Chanel will be a b-day present from my husband. I took him with my to NM yesterday and showed him both handbags-- he thinks I should go for the medium size. (He is comparing the choice this way..... pouchette= BMW 3 series, medium= BMW 5 series, large=BMW 7 series.) Since I will not use this bag for everyday-more for funeral, wedding, dinners, so that is why I thought the pouchette would be fine. But then when I went to NM and saw the difference between the bags, the medium had more *bells & whistles*, and then I got confused and thought that I would be missing out and short changing myself with the pouchette and then regretting my choice..... I don't know what I want. (One of each is the solution, but I can only choose one right now....More to come, Chanel is addicting!) I am glad to hear that there are other Chanel friends out there having the same dilema-- it's nice to know that I am not alone.
  12. Both medium flap and E/W are classic bags. You won't go wrong with either choice. I tried both bags and I personally think the E/W fits more stuff and it is lighter than the double flap. The medium double flap is a little bit more formal because of the double chain.
  13. hi I love lambskin !I'd suggest the med cause it's more classic and can be used in more occassions!:yes:
  14. I had the same dilemma a few months ago. I went with the medium flap as I thought I might always regret it if I got an E/W. What drew me to the E/W was the significant price difference. I really prefer the double chain on the medium flap. Good luck with your choice, they are both beautiful bags!
  15. Well after going to NM and checking out the differences between the two bags, I decided on the medium classic flap. Now here is my next dilema..... I love the 2.55 style, so now I am going crazy putting myself on wait lists for the 2.55 re-issue med flap in black, ghw. I like the madem turn lock on the re-issues. :::::crosses fingers that I find one:::::::::

    Thanks to everyone for their ideas. I love tPforum.