Classic Medium Beige Caviar GHW or Beige PST? Help!!

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  1. Need help here ladies. I am torn between the 2. Which one should I get? BTW are they still available in the stores in Germany? TIA!!
  2. Medium beige caviar GHW !!
  3. m/l beige of course.
  4. m/l beige!!!!
  5. I agree with the rest!
  6. m/l!!! i know they have both bags in bergdorf goodman in nyc, dunno if they ship internationally
  7. I agree with everyone here . . . m/l for sure!
  8. m/l beige
  9. Med/large beige. Love the color, love the style!
  10. The flap in beige!!
  11. wow the choice is unanimous! You gals are really cool! Thanks for helping me make the decision. :biggrin:
  12. another vote for beige flap
  13. ML beige!
  14. I vote for the beige flap w/ghw definitely- I have it and it's gorgeous!!!
  15. beige flap.