Classic m/l for petite frames

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I’m 4’11” and 115lbs. I have been looking for a small CF with no luck. However, my SA did offer me the m/l CF! I’m worries it’ll be too large for me. I like that the small is ok on me crossbody and looks proportional to my frame. I don’t carry much, I just like bags that look good on me. Can anyone post themselves with their m/l (and height) so I can gauge the size since stores are still closed near me? Thank you
  2. I really like the medium size. I think it’s more Classic. Small size bag is a trend. It will fade eventually. Medium size can stand the time.
  3. I agree that smaller bags are on the trend right now but I am worried the m/l against my frame is overpowering! I wish I could go try one on
  4. Hey, this is my sister 4’11 95lbs. Hope these pics help.
    D57FAAC7-548A-454C-85AF-BD848C647F46.jpeg 3A4C3CB4-9AF0-43CA-A8A1-638F7C93FD0E.jpeg B63863C9-E6FE-4B22-A2A6-B8E116F9E6F4.jpeg 6443E086-9E87-4EFD-89D9-EBB280CB123D.jpeg 5FB2B970-9955-41D6-8DAF-EF08C71AA2BD.jpeg
  5. That's me with my medium classic flap (I'm 5 feet) 20200523_154846.jpg
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  7. I have the M/L and I’m 5’4 and my sister who’s 5’2 tried on my M/L and it looks kinda big on her. She ended up buying the small one which looks so much more proportioned on her frame. If I was you, I’d wait for a small one.
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  8. It might also depend on the individual bag. Some M/L look more long-rectangular and others are slightly more tall-rectangular. If that makes sense. Maybe it also depends on whether heavier things were carried to make them more taller over time?

    For someone under 5', avoid the longer ones...the Small flap is slightly more flattering IMO, but not quite as practical.
  9. I personally think the M/L is the ultimate classic from Chanel. Even though the small might look better on you I wouldn’t say it’s the most practical bag.
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  10. I'm 5'1" and the m/l classic flap is the biggest size I would go for. I think you are OK :tup:
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  11. It's the only medium I have. I definitely prefer the mini flaps as they are more versatile and I think are more proportionate for me.
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  12. I’m 5’0 and I like the M/L bec I’m tiny enough to wear it crossbody and if I wanted to, it is sort of like a tote when worn on the shoulder with the double strap. The small size kind of feels weird wearing it with the double strap since it looks so small.
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  13. Thank you everyone!
    This is me with the small bag last year (I finally found this picture..)
    I don’t have a pic with a m/l that I can find. I wish I took more pics.

    I know the outfit does not fit the bag - please excuse. I’m impressed I wasn’t wearing gym clothes that day.

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    728DC3F2-3509-4621-BB08-68F76A569BA1.jpeg D717D5C7-4D53-43E9-8A59-A49542D376C8.jpeg It depends on the color. I feel black bags look smaller in general so i think medium would look great. On color flaps i like the small for they appear bigger if that makes
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  15. Actually that small looks perfect on you (and the color is so fun and summery, I'd totally wear it wih that outfit! lol). I think the medium might be too horizontally long.
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