classic legacy zip


May 22, 2012
I am seriously thinking of buying the classic legacy zip (styel 9966) and have a few questions for those that own it:

Do you still use it?
Is it a functional every day bag?
Is the strap long enough for cross body?
Does it look dated?
Do you recommend this purse?
Would it look strange to carry so the outside pocket faces your body? I would carry it that way so I could keep my cell phone it the outside pocket so would carry the pocket towards my body for security.

A little backround, I don't like the purses with narrow straps. I love wider straps. I currently switch between my legacy duffle and my legacy east/west duffle depending on how much I need to carry.

I find he regular duffle too big, and the east/west a bit too small. So I'm hoping the legacy zip is I the middle size wise.

I do own the patricia legacy (the unlined one) and while I love how it looks, that flap drives me insane so I don't carry it due to that. Too bad, its such a pretty bag.

Photos would be a bonus to this thread!


May 10, 2010
The vintage version is a little heavy, mostly because of the pockets. I'm not sure about the current version; it might be lighter weight. The newer version has different measurements and a longer strap than the vintage version. The strap is nice and wide. I find the strap on the vintage version to be a little more comfortable than the 2012 Legacy duffle because it is a little softer.

There is nothing wrong with carrying the pockets against your body. On most vintage bags with pockets, Coach considered the pocket side to be the back. In their intro ad for this style, they showed the pocket side, but in 2000 on their website they showed the plain side as the front. I don't think it looks dated. It is a classic design that will never go out of style.

I think this bag is more structured than the Legacy duffle, and the leather is stiffer so it isn't going to slouch down as much as the Legacy duffle. I'm not sure it will look any smaller. One of the reviews on claims it is too big but I think it is close to the same size as Patricia's Legacy. Others said it doesn't open wide enough.