Classic LBD

  1. Hello fellow tpf members:nuts:
    Well, Being a music teacher, every year I get an invitation to go to Paris to play in their classical music concert and have been invited to go over next year in January. BUT the outfit MUST be black.
    I usually wear a black pencil skirt and a black blouse, but this year I plan on wearing a little black dress.

    I have been looking in Nordstrom & Saks, and came across a few.

    The first is from Saks, A D&G Stretch Bustier Dress for $325.

    The 2nd from Saks a BCBG Max Azria for $180.

    The 3rd is Anna Klein Stretch Satin for $160 (Nordstrom)
    And Finally...

    4th, Patra Floral Cutout Taffeta Dance Dress for $178 (Nordstrom)

    I plan on wearing Black tights and YSL tribute or Christian Louboutin black fishnet heels.

    What do you think of the 4 dresses?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated:tup:

    Thanks Guys:smile:
    0424276540129_ASTL_300x400.jpg _5464994.jpg 0474767536674_ASTL_300x400.jpg _5372718.jpg
  2. I love the second one...the neckline is so pretty!
  3. My choice is the 1st one - very elegant and gorgeous! :tender:
  4. The only one that I don't care for is the 3rd, otherwise I think that the other three dresses are all gorgeous.
  5. I love the first one
  6. I like all except for the third. However, they are all so different and would suit completely different body shapes, so allot depends on what shape you are.
  7. ^^ Agree.

    However, I like the 1st dress, but it might be too sexy for where you're going (it also looks a little tight, it might not be too comfortable for sitting). I say, go for the 2nd dress!

    Sounds like fun, have a great time!!
  8. Thanks girls:biggrin:
    Pipop- I agree, but it was the shortest when I tried it on.
    Ch3rrybl0ss0ms - I agree its beautiful.
    lmkhlh2006 - Thankyou!
    Essential - I agree.
    Babypie - I am short, big bust, small waist.
    Butterfly - Thankyou! I actually tried it on with a pair of black spanx (my secret:p) and it felt pretty good.

    Well Ladies -
    I went out to Saks yesterday and the D&G dress is on order!
    I will post pictures when its in:biggrin:
    My whole outfits in the attatchments.
    Thankyou girls!:smile:

    0424276540129_ASTL_300x400.jpg 0452562887962_275x275.jpg PG_22101_7257_FS.jpg
  9. You're going to look great. Love the shoes and the jacket with that dress!