Classic lambskin card case .. having regrets

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  1. I recently purchased my first Chanel - a medium Filigree flap in black caviar and was on a hunt for a new compact wallet.

    So I found a classic chanel card case in black. I thought I would store my essential cards and cash. But I found that its hard to get cash out of the center sleeve.

    Do I keep it? How do you guys use your card case? Is it a good investmention in case I want to resell it in a few years?

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  2. I also have the option of exchanging it for the blue chevron caviar.

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  3. I have the card case in caviar. I use it with my woc because I don't like using the slots in the back of it and scratching up the leather with my fingernails. I use the center slot of the case for cards I don't use much like my gas card. It is hard to get into like you said. I put my cash in the zippered section of my woc.

    I'm not sure about resell value. I wouldn't bother because with my Nordstrom points, I didn't pay much for it.
  4. Thanks for your input! Are you doubling up the side slots? and how many cards do you put in the center?
  5. That is what I was originally looking for! But the Chanel stores in my area don't have them. My SA put me on a waitlist for one, but would be 4+ months out.

    However, I also have my heart set on getting a LV mini pochette so that I can easily carry my essentials (cards and keys) and I'm not sure if the card case you have would fit in it.
  6. Yes! I double up on all the slots, including the center.

    I've done a lot of searching for the perfect wallet for my small reissue and small classic flap. I prefer men's wallets for their simplicity (no zippers, snaps, etc to scratch). I ended up with a Dunhill. Plenty of slots without doubling up. They do the leather seats for Rolls Royce and Bentley.
  7. Try Chanel Beverly Hills or on Robertson in Los Angeles. They have plenty.
  8. Thanks everyone!

    I think I decided to stick with the slim card case for now.

    Next question - which one should I get? I have 3 options:

    1. Classic black lambskin
    2. Classic black caviar
    3. Chevron blue caviar

    Is the blue caviar chevron still considered part of their "classic" line?
  9. I vote for the blue chevron.
  10. No blue caviar is part of the airlines collection. If you're concerned about resale value, that really only affects seasonal bags not so much slgs. You can have a better idea of resale value by browsing websites like fashionphile. Regardles I vote for blue caviar- I like a pop of color
  11. Thanks everyone! I did notice on Fashionpile that the black classic SLG's were selling for more than the seasonal SLG's. But instead of getting what's "popular", I'm going to pick up the chevron because it's more my style :smile: