Classic Lambskin Camera Case

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  1. Anyone know if this style is still available and how much it is? I've been looking everywhere for it, and haven't had luck in the stores. `=( Any info would be great!! :biggrin:


    pic is borrowed from purseblog.
  2. Hirschleifers should have this bag- not sure what colors though....
  3. do you know how much it is?
  4. Saks NYC has it in beige and black, large and medium sizes. I think the large is $2995, but I could be wrong
    (the one in the pic is large)
  5. hmm... what about the medium?? i'm being annoying, i know. ;)
  6. medium should be around $2750, assuming that the price increase didn't affect the camera bags.
  7. from what i know the camera bags weren't affected by the price increase.
  8. Does it only come in 2 sizes medium and large? Does anyone know the dimensions? TiA!