Classic Jumbo worth buying?

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  1. Is the classic jumbo flap worth investing, especially since the price increase? I've finally settled on a caviar jumbo in the red 11p color (actually got a hold of it recently; haven't seen it in person though), but it makes me squirm how I have to pay retail, also feeling guilty.

    Would you guys care to share your thought on this?
  2. I got mine years back and I am very happy with my purchases. Would I buy it at today's price if I didn't buy them a few years back? I probably would coz it is THE style I absolutely in love with. Investiment or not, I think it is worthless if I buy a bag home and she sits in in my closet forever. If you really want it and you will get good use out of it, you probably should get it before the price goes any higher.
  3. me too, absolutely love my jumbo. Looking for 11P red luck so far. Get is before the price increase.
  4. I have one I bought a few years ago and glad that I did. Pretty sure I could not bring myself to pay current retail.
  5. Yes, silly question :smile:

  6. of coz it's worth buying!

    i'm so glad my very first Chanel bag is the classic jumbo, am glad I got it last year..doubt i will bear to buy it for the current quickly get one before the price goes up again!
  7. Please don't hate me tpfers. As much as I would love to get a jumbo someday. I honestly cannot justify paying the new increase price. I would go pre-loved. I would rather spend the $ on a pc. of designer jewelry.
  8. I bought mine not too long ago and I must say that it is one of my favorite looks. I get a lot of compliments, too.

    I do agree that the price increases have been ridiculous and I had a difficult time justifying my purchase even though I purchased it for lower than current retail.
  9. I had my jumbos before the price increase (around $2650) so it's worth buying. If you ask me to buy now, maybe I pass. I love them, but don't love them that much to fork out 4k.
  10. The black jumbo with SHW is the last classic bag I purchased almost a year ago. I'm happy I have it and no longer long for any of the new Chanel handbags I see on the shelf. Get the bag if you want it, as others have suggested, before another price increase. One of my joys each weekend is deciding which Chanel handbag to use. I love them all!
  11. i bought my jumbo for $3700 USD before the price increase in june. If I had missed that opportunity, would I have bought it now for $4300? Definitely NOT. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag and am very happy with my purchase. But I can't imagine paying $600 for the same bag. I'd rather buy something else like some jewelry or 1-2 LV bags. I'd probably go pre loved- but in pristine condition.
  12. I am glad I bought mine a couple of years back...preloved but in mint condition at $2,300. A brand new one today would cost DOUBLE. I think if you love the style, don't have one yet, and have the funds to spare, then go for it, and choose a colour that is versatile enough to be worn for many, many years. In my case, I'd be a lot more hesitant to buy a second classic jumbo, due to the price increase. It would have to be a very attractive colour that completely captures my heart ;)
  13. I love my Jumbo:cloud9::heart:. Don't know if I would pay $4300 dollars. I say if you really want and can afford it, go for it. If you don't it'll just nag you and you'll end up paying much more. Who knows if there will be more price increases this year or not. The SA don't even seem to know about price increase until the last minute. Let us know what you decide.
  14. I love the red 11p color! I'd say you should get it before another price increase. I agree with everyone that the price now is way too much tho so it's worth checking the 2nd hand market first
  15. I love the jumbo and 255. Yes the price made a huge differences on my purchases. But if i like it i don't think too much. So for now, i wouldn't even go looking for purses if i am not ready to make such a big purchase. I don't want to have any "buyer remorse" and guilt after dropping thousands and thousands on that.