Classic jumbo or reissue large?


Jul 5, 2007
Hi, everyone~~
I'm torn between these two bags.
My first love was reissue metallic black 227 but now I saw aged calfskin bag for prefall and I tried patent jumbo classic at the shop and I don't know what to get!!
It is a big investment for me to spend this $$$ for a bag and I would like to keep it for long~~ time.
Would classic jumbo be a better buy for the long run than reissues?
Aged calfskin reissue looks soooo gorgeous and I'm sure it's something I can love for long time.
Please help~~


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Jan 18, 2007
Either bag is a classic Chanel piece! The Reissues are replicas of the ORIGINAL Chanel flap released in 1955. They're still around and "in style"! The classic flap is actually an updated twist on the reissue. You can't go wrong with either, but it seems like your heart belongs to the aged calfskin reissue (which is GORGEOUS, I agree, and the leather will never go out of style!), so I say get that one! :yes:


Dec 23, 2005
The Reissues are replicas of the ORIGINAL Chanel flap released in 1955.

i'm not so sure about that. i remember seeing pictures from the 50s of the original bag in a book, and it was the same as the current "reissue" with the flat quilted leather and the mademoiselle turnlock, but it did not have the same chain strap as the "reissue"; it had the normal chain with leather woven into it like typical chanel bags. it looked so nice, i wish they'd do a reissue of that!!

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Apr 7, 2008
I know that woman instict will not let her satified "only ONE bag".
If you're not consider to have many chanel later or you want this chanel will be classic ,last long ,not only for a season.So you proably think of the one that is not too chick but endurance.

In my opinion ,I choose aged calf skin jumbo because of the endurance and the metalic is often have the color peeling issue.You can wear it everyday and the bag will not look worn-out.


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Nov 2, 2007
Make it love at first sight. if u said OMG i want that bag dont hesitate. because then you are in trouble aka this!!!. it happns to me when i go shoppin i try not to rethink of anythin. and by your post you in love my friend! your in love.. so go and get that reissue.