Classic Jumbo Flap in Lambskin

  1. Hi....does anyone know if the classic jumbo flap in lambskin a seasonal or ongoing style? Thank you...
  2. I just got one so I think it may be an ongoing style.
  3. thanks mawsey...btw are you happy with the lambskin? I still can't decide between the lambskin and caviar leather....last time I bought the large size in caviar leather because the SA told me the caviar leather is more durable than the lambskin. Yours is in silver hardware of gold hardware?
  4. hi i got black with gold hardware.

    i'm very happy with my choice, caviar is nice but i love the feel and look of lambskin. i think my decision was also swayed by the fact that it's really not going to be my everyday bag.

    go for it :smile:
  5. ongoing
  6. lamb is part of the Timeless Classic.. . . it changes from season to season, but it's 'ongoing'
  7. thanks for the info everyone :smile:
  8. It's timeless style not seasonal....:smile:

    However, certain colors are seasonal~