Classic Jumbo Beige Clair GHW in Italy - Need Help!!

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  1. Hello ladies!

    I'm heading to Italy next month and I'm searching for a Classic Jumbo flap bag in beige Claire caviar leather and gold hardware.

    I've emailed three stores thus far for stock: Rome, Venice, and Florence. So far, only the Venice Store has answered, but basically letting me know that they don't have beige Claire in stock and that ALL OF EUROPE is sold out of this BAG!

    How is this possible? I seem to see that this bag is usually in stock very often in the states? Maybe I am incorrect and this bag is that rare??

    Can anyone recommend an SA in Rome, Venice, or Florence that I may email for help? It is my HG bag and my fiancé has offered to buy me one while on our trip in Italy.

  2. Beige Clair is discontinued. You may have a hard time finding one.
  3. I'm sending mine (brand new) to Anns Fabulous Finds but you would have to purchase through them. Should be on their site within the next two weeks. Otherwise the bag is discontinued.
  4. Hi! Do you know if it's discontinued for ALL sizes? or is it just in jumbo?
  5. Yes all sizes. It is no longer a permanent color. There will be seasonal beiges but we won't know the exact shade until we see it.
  6. Oh no I'm sad... I reserved a beige classics for this fall but I'm afraid it'll be a darker shade since it's the Fall line... fingers crossed!
  7. There is a fellow TPFer selling hers on a closed FB page, you can PM me for more info if you'd like.