Classic Handbags

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  1. I'm looking for a great classic bag that will never go out of style... and can work day or night... what do you recommend?
  2. Welcome! I'm a broken record on this subject, I say a great classic bag is definitely a LV!
  3. I second that. A Speedy is a great classic choice. It's also rumored that later this year they'll be available in Damier canvas as well.
  4. Can't go wrong w/ Damier Canvas...either I'd wait for the Damier Speedy or go w/ something like the Ribera. It's a unique shape and I don't see a lot of people carrying those around.
  5. lv or chanel. those bags are timeless.
  6. tod's.
    timeless and not seen on everyone.
    of great class.
  7. Ditto! Very subtle and understated. But I also agree with everyone else about LV and Chanel also. :biggrin:
  8. yes but when you are 50 you can still put a tod's on, going around with a monogrammed louis vuitton at 50 is a bit ridiculous :smile:
    unless you decide to buy a non monogrammed vuitton.
  9. Don't forget Bottega Veneta. Timelss beauty.
  10. -LV Speedy 25 or 30
    -Gucci Jackie or Bardot
    -Chanel 2.55
  11. you are perfectly true!!!!!
  12. You don't think you can carry a LV if your over 50? I always thought that it looked like an older ladies bag!!! (Except for the denium that looks young!)
  13. I see plenty of women over 50 with LV MC or Damier bags, and I've never thought they looked inappropriate.
  14. i think that going around with a monogram wehn you are over 50 s more than ridiculous. but that is my personal thought.
  15. It used to be a few years ago that the only women I ever saw carrying Mono's were middle aged and above. It's only been in the last few years that I've seen younger women carrying them regularly. I plan to carry mine until they put me in The Home. :P