Classic Fragrances

  1. I am searching for an old, classic fragrance...any suggestions?
  2. i'm addicted to fragrances that have withstood the test of time. but there's SO you like flowers? spices? adelhydes?

    my favorites
    l'heure bleu
    chanel gardenia, n19 and n22 has reviews of all of these. it'll let you know what kind of notes are in each. you can also ask someone at a fragrance counter to help you. good luck!
  3. oh thanks ilzabet! Those sound wonderful! I did try jicky once and loved's similar to shalimar. Arpege is wonderful too and am deciding if I should purchase it.
  4. Chanel No. 19, No. 22, No. 5, and Coco Chanel are what I go to for "classic" scents!
  5. My favorite classic fragrance is Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temp.
  6. Coco by Chanel.
  7. I love Samsara and Chanel 22
  8. Dior Lily of the Valley. It's nice because it won't make you smell powdery or musky like an old lady.
  9. I wore Shalimar for a period of time and the smell was really nice.
  10. chanel no. 5
  11. Chanel has already been named but I asked an elderly lady what she was wearing one time @ a restaurant (she was standing in front of me in the buffet line) and she said "Ysatis". It's by Givenchy and believe it or not it's heady but not that granny rose scent that I hate! I also think Estee Lauder makes classic scents. Beautiful, Pleasures, and White Linen are all classic.
  12. YSL Paris, Cacharel's Anais Anais & Iris by Givenchy.

    My top 3 all time favorite.

  13. Thanks for suggestions...I need to go to Saks or NM and start smelling.