Classic flaps with the double flap, annoying? difficult to deal with?

  1. Everytime I've played around with a medium/large classic flap, that double flap just tends to seem a little in the way, does anyone that owns one feel the same way??? I have an E/W which I love and is totally my style but I wonder if I ever venture into the larger flap I may hate that extra flap......
  2. I don't own one because of that second flap. It would be a perfect bag if they remove that extra flap. Less weight, more space and easy access.
  3. The second flap doesnt bother me in the least... I just never close it haha! :smile: I treat all my medium flaps like my e/w flaps. :smile:

  4. Me too. Doesn't bother me, and I never close it. I've never even considered it being annoying to some before now.
  5. i never close the second flap too.. :P
  6. And me too!! :smile:
  7. It doesn't bother me! In fact.. I love double flap better!
  8. Anyone does close the 2nd flap, cos i can't seem to close mine. I mean, i dare not press the bag too far in!
  9. I understand what u meant...yes, I do too... but that's the design...medium classic flap...
  10. the extra flap doesn't bother me, i just don't close it! :smile:
  11. I can imagine it being very annoying, If you don't close the second flap I don't see the point of it being there also the button design will also mean you need to push it in..:P Not very good for the structure of the pag. Lucky my Jumbo XL dusen't have the second flap although I still find it more of a hassel to get in and out of compared to my Paddy.....
  12. i would prefer my chanel med/large with single flap but then it doesnt work that way so i just dont close it which works fine with me :smile:
  13. It doesn't really bother me either! I always close mine properly :P
  14. I dont close the 2nd flap, way too diffcult but I wish it was not there I feel that I would have more space for my medium classic flap
  15. I don't close it either! Don't you find it just impossible to close without the risk of damaging the bag??:confused1: