Classic flaps with gold hardware? Rare or not?

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  1. Hi. I have been desperately searching for a classic lambskin flap with gold hardware and SAs keep telling me it is only available in black. I have seen several beautiful classic flaps on this site in other colors, are they rare or just from previous seasons?

    I do not care for silver, never have. Am I really limiting myself? Or is the abundance of silver just a current trend? I thought gold was coming back in.

    I would love any insight into this from veteran and or new collectors. Thanks!
  2. Gold hardware should be available to most lambskin colors. The red from FW 2006, apricot beige, black, white, pink, beige/taupe all came in gold hw. I saw a lambskin beige w/ gold at my NM tonight. Lovely. Check NM stores. They historically have a much more comprehensive collection than Saks next to the boutiques.