CLASSIC FLAPS: Has anyone seen the Apricot colour?

  1. I just heard from oleee from the aus vogue forums that Sydney currently has an apricot colour which she describes as "a very light orange, kind of pastel orange"! - does anyone have pics?

    ooo i am so excited, i thought that we were only getting the pastel green and pastel yellow for 2007. could there be more colours in the horizon? has anyone seen this colour and have seen any new ones? :yahoo:

    I won't be able to walk in until next week :crybaby:
  2. I went to the sydney store tonight after reading the post in vogue forum.
    I saw a classic flap thinking its the apricot, when i query about the name of the colour, the SA said "we don't give them names, we give them code" ....???
    but the one I saw was not really a pastel colour, it was dark orangie/brown/and a hint of red kinda colour.

    she did say they'll be getting new shipments at the end of feb or early march which will include more colours
  3. ooo exciting!!!!!!

    the SA has no idea what she's talking about, even if it's something dumb like "dark red", most colours have a name as well as a colour code.
  4. i also asked about the price increase..she said they havent been informed yet.
  5. Is apricot different than beige now? I always thought just the regular old beige was called "apricot."

  6. I am wondering the same thing as I have seen beige referred to as apricot.

    And always kind of wondered why they called it apricot.....:shrugs:
  7. It sounds so promising and pretty. That'd be disappointing if it were just beige.
  8. i finally saw it, and it was stunning, but then a few days later it was goooone!!! i wish i had gotten the colour code. snobbychick's description of "dark orangie/brown/and a hint of red kinda colour." is perfect i.e. it's not really apricot (i think yellowy orange) as such, but definitely a beautiful caramelly toffee colour which is very wearable.

    btw it's definitely not the standard yellowy beige, nor the light beige, nor the brown.

    i tried it on in the lambskin and it was stunning. i really want it. if anybody sees it around please let me know i regret not buying it.

    oh, and a colour code would be fantastic! :crybaby:
  9. if its the same "apricot" like the vintage tote (or is it the cloudy bundle? not sure now :confused1: ) , then it is really gorgeous...its like a peach, different from beige......i have seen that color in our local Saks and Neimans

    i would give my right kidney for it in the Jumbo classic caviar flap omg