classic flap

  1. Preferences in colors? red, black or white? I am leaning towards white or red since black is too common... What do you guys think?
  2. Red!!! And it goes with almost anything, surprisingly.
  3. my first perference is white ---> black ----->red
  4. Hi, anyone else ....I need opinions please, thank you.
  5. Black, White and red.
  6. White for sure! That's the one I want, I just think it looks so gorgeous and classy.
  7. Red is my favourite colour. So I say red. I like white too but its too scary for me.

    But one qs (sorry to hijack this thread) but does one have to be on the waitinglist for the red classic flaps?
  8. Red! In fact, I love them all!
  9. in order of preference red, white then black
  10. black, red, and then white!
  11. Black!
  12. red for sure!
  13. well white would look very pretty but stain quicker. i wouldnt choose red, so black:p
  14. red!!!
  15. I think everyone needs a black classic flap...then white, then red... ;)