Classic Flap XXL Thoughts?

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  1. Hi Ladies and Gents!

    I'm so torn on making the new XXL classic flap my new travel bag. I'm 6'1" with a medium frame and wonder if this bag would be right for me, considering it's 17" in width. I tend to travel by plane at least once every 10 days or so, and know I would use it a LOT.

    What are your thoughts? Does anyone have any pictures of the inside or have any reviews/input they could provide? Does it seem practical to hold a laptop other travel items as a carry on? Let me know your thoughts!

    Thanks!! :biggrin::biggrin:
  2. Yes yes yes! I love the XXL for travel, I just got the black and the tweed strass one (for a little extra bling haha) and it's been awesome. I plan on using the black for airplane travel and for "bad weather" travel, and the tweed strass just as a carryon or car trips or to resorts or something. With your height, I say go for it and don't look back :smile:
  3. i'm 5'10 and i carry a non-Chanel tote that is 16W x 10H for my regular travels. it's pretty giant even for a taller woman, and i can't fit that bag under my seat b/c of both the height and width. i would never use a chanel for a carry-on with all the places your bag has to touch along the way - airplane floor, security belt, counters, etc. but that's just me :smile: i think this bag will age quickly... it's a non-leather interior from what i have seen, and it'll start to droop and sag fast i think, b/c it's not structured enough. if you look at many of the pics posted prior to release it shows sagging/sinking in the top/middle.

    boutiquepatina has one listed with many interior shots
  4. I don't have any personal experience with the XXL, but just based on pictures I've seen, it doesn't seem to be super practical for travel. Similar to what ccbaggirl89 said, I think the bag would end up getting beaten up pretty quickly if used that often during travel. I would also be concerned that once you fill the bag up (especially with a laptop), the straps will start to dig into your shoulder and wouldn't be very comfortable.

    From a purely aesthetic standpoint, my personal opinion is that the bag kind of looks like a caricature of an overly large classic flap. I think there are a lot of really great other bag options out there for travel! (I myself use a LV keepall in the Damier Graphite.) Just my honest opinion - good luck with your decision!
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  5. #5 Apr 24, 2016
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    The Damier Graphite Keepall is actually one of my preferred bags for travel! I am thinking of swinging by the store later this week to see and feel what the new XXL is like in person. From what I have heard from different stores, they are flying off the shelves across Canada. I'd hate to miss out on a piece and regret it, but I would also hate to have this bag disappoint me after a year of normal use.
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  6. Great idea! Pictures are never as good as checking out the real thing! Maybe bring some stuff to put into the bag so that you can check out how it feels on your shoulder?
  7. I tried this bag on in the store as I was curious how large it was and how it was constructed. It had very little shape or support to it. It seemed to me if it was filled for travel that it would sag and be a killer to carry. I also agree it may not fit well under your seat, but despite the practicality, you'd look quite fashionable :smile:
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  8. It's easy to get swept up when a certain bag is very hyped- it happens to all of us! For me, I just have to remind myself that having a "popular" bag doesn't do me any good unless I love it and use it too... which I think is probably true for most people unless one's living is directly connected to having the latest e.g. fashion blogger.

    I agree w/ gail and ccbaggirl that it wouldn't be *that* practical for travel- I don't think it would fit under the seat comfortably, a bit awkward for overhead (very likely to get smashed w/ other ppl's carry ons) and probably won't hold the shape well once you put things in there... IMHO if you are the type to use a carry-on suitcase that one seems to be more practical and it's priced ok too, as long as it fits overhead.
  9. I bought it for travel as well. The nylon interior and various compartments are well designed imo. My 15" mbp fits nicely inside. However, it becomes too heavy for the straps to handle once I put all my usual travel gears inside. So I went back to my trusty Goyard Saint Louis GM. Attached a few pics for reference. You can see how the bag weighs down.

    But I love the bag so much, decided to keep it for lighter travel when only my 11" mba is needed.

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  10. So true! I'm usually never one to get caught up in the hype, but I haven't been able to find a good carry-on piece from Chanel in years. I think once I drop by the store and try it on personally, I'll have my "love it or hate it" moment. :biggrin:
  11. Thank you SO MUCH for the pictures! Seeing the black version up close and in action really helps me get a feeling of what the bag is like when in use. I'm usually a lighter traveller when in the air for business, with just a MacBook Air, iPad, and my Hermes agenda along with me. Do you find the bag pretty heavy when empty?

  12. I'm quite used to large bags other than Chanel, but don't own any jumbo CF for a good comparison. But I'll say with just my iPad Pro and other daily essentials, the bag is pretty much at maximum weight capacity for wearing single strap crossbody. It is definitely heavier than many of my other larger size bags, Givenchy large Pandora, Balenciaga Work, Bottega Veneta large convertible intrecciato leather tote, etc.

    Although it is less ideal than I hoped, I'm still very much in love with the bag. Hope that helps!
  13. Are you only considering the black?
    I have the silver and my SA told me that the black's leather is softer than the silver's.
    Its not too heavy when empty considering the size because the inside is only made of fabric and not leather like the CFs.
    Btw, do not expect the shape to hold up. Being designed as a carry-on, the XXL is somehow meant to be more flexible and softer rather than being a structured bag.

    Someone posted her XXL pictures in a plane. Will search for it and post it here soon!

    Hope this helps :smile:

  14. Hi hun, found the thread here:

    Greyskies posted a picture of her xxl under the seat.

  15. This bag is huge and has a great detail on the back pocket which opens at the bottom to fit nicely on to the top of your carry on luggage.. I think your height is perfect for this bag and its a pretty bag for traveling with class.