Classic Flap with old strap still available?

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  1. With the new strap now available on the black classic flap..I'm just wondering if Chanel still selling the ones with original/old strap?
    After seeing more pics here, my itchy hand is thinking of getting the black lambskin with gold hardware now..

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Yes, it is still being made and there are no plans to discontinue. Your SA can tell you when they should arrive. My local Saks ordered 30 Jumbos in Black and they should be in the store in July. So, they're out there. HTH
  3. Thanks Cjj :smile:
    Guess I will have to check out first with the Chanel stores here if they have it now..
  4. Boston chanel boutique have 2 white med and 2 white jumbo. and last time I saw, they have some blacks too..
  5. Yes! It's still available! I saw a lot of it here in Hong Kong boutiques!